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Welcome to the Committee to Preserve Wellesley's Italian American Heritage

We are a group of Wellesley citizens who love our town, treasure its Italian American heritage, and respect its Native American roots.


We seek to defeat the non-binding ballot question at the March 2021 annual town election proposing to abolish Columbus Day in Wellesley and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day. This question disrespects Wellesley’s Italian American community and is divisive to our town. It
elevates one group at the expense of another. 

Please vote NO on this ballot question. Italians are people, too!

The World of Wellesley has made abolishing Columbus Day part of their new anti-racist initiative.  We’re anti-racist, too, but disagree with their position on Columbus Day. We favor a more inclusive, multicultural approach.

We support honoring tradition and preserving the second Monday in October for Italian Americans to coincide with National Italian American Heritage Month in October.

In 2009, President Barack Obama signed legislation permanently designating the Friday after Thanksgiving as National Native American Heritage Day to coincide with National Native American Heritage Month in November. Let’s honor Indigenous People in November.

We are an entirely people-powered, grass roots effort representing the citizens of Wellesley.  We are not aligned with - nor do we speak for - outside special interest groups or political organizations.

Outside special interest groups - the United American Indians of New England and the Workers World Party - are allied with groups in Wellesley to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.

Soundly defeating this ballot question in March 2021 will provide the opportunity for a two-day observance for Italian Americans and Native Americans to celebrate their respective cultures in Wellesley over the months of October and November.  


Defeating this ballot question will also revitalize Wellesley’s commitment to multiculturalism and inclusivity.

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We will post some of our favorite family recipes that have been passed down for generations, as well as some that we and our community enjoy. These are easy to do, don't be intimidated. 

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